• Under 12 Minute Abdominal Burn

    Grab a Pilates Ball or a pillow if you don't have one.

    Shuffle This Pilates Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/29RVqFLj7jvyHPn6eAAXLr?si=fMYHocJeQ5aJ4Y8U6ZMn2Q

  • 13 Minute Booty Work Laying Down on Your Mat

    Grab your Ankle Weights

    Shuffle This Booty Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2npGL1d8FEhWJUhtFro5Hw?si=LvTE8WTPQ06hZ4QfKjcPXA

  • Booty Band Burn Under 5 Minutes

    Grab your booty band. If you don't have one, use dumbbells on your thighs + behind the knees

    Shuffle this Booty Playlist herehttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/2npGL1d8FEhWJUhtFro5Hw?si=LvTE8WTPQ06hZ4QfKjcPXA

  • Booty Workout While Cooking Dinner

    Just need a bench top or something to gently lean onto.

    Shuffle this playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2npGL1d8FEhWJUhtFro5Hw?si=LvTE8WTPQ06hZ4QfKjcPXA

  • Under 4 Minute Pillow Ab Blast

    Grab a pillow. Dare you to do this twice!

    Shuffle Playlist:

  • 8 Minute Block Party for the Arms, Abs and Hamstrings

    Grab a block or a book and have some fun.
    Shuffle this playlist: