• 26 Minutes of Flow - Setting An Intention and Moving With It

    May need a block.

    Playlist Here:

  • 22 Minute Slow Flow - All in the Hips and Back

    Working through all things hips and back

    Playlist Here:

  • 16 Minute Gentle, Period Friendly Yoga

    For those first days of your period when you feel like gentle movement.
    Have bolster or pillows and yoga block handy.

    Shuffle Playlist:

  • Yin for Where You are in Your Day

    20 Minute Yin Class for where you are in the day. Checking in with the old stories and patterns.

    Playlist Shuffle Here:

  • 16 Minute Slow Flow

    A gentle flow opening the heart and hips
    Savasana not included, please add it in!

    Playlist here:

  • 25 Minute Yin for Spine + Hips

    Long holds working into the spine and hips
    Grab your bolster, block and blankey optional

    Shuffle this Yin Playlist

  • 28 Minute Rinse Out Flow

    No probs needed. Rinse off the day with this 28 minute flow.

    Play this Flow Playlist

  • 25 Minute Hips Don't Lie Yin

    Grab your bolster, block and any items to get comfy

    Shuffle this Yin playlist

  • 27 Minute Flow Working Through the Hips and Challenging Balance

    Come through a balanced centered flow. Block may be necessary.

    Play this strong flow playlist

  • 18 Minute Strappy Flow for the Upper Body

    The strap allows us to open through chest, loosen the shoulders and strengthen the posterior chain

    Play this Strong Flow Playlist

  • Groovy 21 Minute Flow Getting the Joints Moving

    A groovy flow with lots of circles to get into every joint of the body.

    Playlist Here: